Who we are

“I love how simple this is for her. I love that her solution to everything is to tell the truth. I struggle with my identity and she tells me just to say what’s true.”
― Nicola Yoon (The Sun Is Also a Star)


Big Apple Bites Back Productions (MWBE certified) is a NYC-based boutique production house offering film/video production services, graphic design and website design/development and event production. Our services include creative consultation, pre and post-production, scriptwriting, casting, video/photo shoots and editing. We specialize in creating quality videos that capture the passion and the unique style of your business. Big Apple Bites Back is the brainchild of Ms. Andy Young, a 20-year veteran of the entertainment industry, who utilizes her various skills in the field to help businesses share their unique style and vision through multimedia projects.

What We Do

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” – Samantha Caine (A Long Kiss Goodnight)

We offer a wide variety of services from creative consultation to script writing to casting your still or motion picture shoot, including talent wardrobe analysis and on camera training with an acting coach as well as voice warm-up and relaxation techniques. We’ve got you covered every step of the way, from pre-production through post and beyond, including website design and logo creation – or any combination that suits your needs.

Our Added Value

” Come on Dover, move your blumin’ arse!”  – Eliza Doolittle (My Fair Lady)

The added value we provide our clients sets us apart from other production companies. We provide complimentary voice warm-up/relaxation techniques, wardrobe and makeup consultation, and on-camera training, in order for our clients to feel stress-free and confident in front of the camera. Your video should be an extension of your company’s brand and values, presented to the world in a welcoming and trustworthy manner – and we have 20 years of professional acting, performance art and entertainment experience to evoke that and more…


“Andy and the Big Apple Bites Back team are joyful and passionate professionals. Their ingenuity and imagination made us feel at ease and in good hands. They created a supportive, hip and fun environment. Big Apple Bites Back Productions is our “go to” business for video production and design.”

Leonora Valvo,
President of etouches.

248 W35th Street, Suite 400
New York NY 10001