ANDY SPECIALWEB bg  COMMER2Big Apple Bites Back Productions is the brainchild of Andy Young, an adventurous, vivacious 18-year veteran of the entertainment industry, who wanted to combine her various skills and experiences to create a way for businesses and people to share their unique visions through multimedia projects.

Andy Young is a burst of positive energy with a flair for the creative. Her skills, encompassing a plethora of experiences, include acting in theatre, film and television, together with directing, editing, producing, shooting and creating multi-media projects. Her experience in the entertainment and marketing world, as well as the legal professions, makes her a natural fit for corporate videos. As a Marketing Consultant, Andy has contributed to the growth of several graphic design companies by establishing business relationships, acquiring new clients and creating new ventures. She has also worked as a Chief Paralegal for several NYC law firms. Andy is also bi-lingual (English-Spanish), a notary public, a world-traveller, an avid roller skater/ice skater, and hails from an immigrant background, coming from Panama as a child.

Andy’s strength lies in being creative yet keeping a firm foot on the ground, which enables her to see the uniqueness of people and their businesses, while understanding and evoking their passion and presenting that image to the world. Her warm, easy-going personality puts people and her clients at ease, giving them a safe environment to become spontaneous, courageous and free to convey their distinctive and compelling stories and the passion behind them.

Andy recognized that in order for businesses to be more successful, they needed to present themselves in a more personable way, showcasing their products and their businesses in a new and distinctive style. While business owners spoke passionately about their trade, most were reluctant to speak on camera about their products. “I found that most of the time, this inhibition stemmed from the owner’s being uncomfortable with the unfamiliar, being in front of a camera, which is a very natural response.” Willing to help by nature, Andy decided to use her years of experience in front of the camera, and on stage, to train, prep and outfit her clients, so they feel right at home in the spotlight. “Who better to promote a product than the owner of a business?” With Andy’s help, business owners can now share their uniqueness and “passion” with the world in order to attract new customers and expand their markets.

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